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Crafting Solutions, Elevating Compliance.

We support you with local legal and compliance experts.

Our services

Empowering start-ups, small and medium sized companies with expert legal and compliance services.

Outsourced legal
and compliance services

We are a legal & compliance consulting firm providing legal and compliance solutions, including GDPR solutions for start-ups, small and medium sized companies.

Legal and compliance services always require knowledge of local regulations and national codes of conduct in the life sciences industry. We provide pan-European legal & compliance consulting services in the major markets in Europe , with a strong business acumen and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of fast-growing or transforming companies.

We support our clients in critical stages, in critical functions. We help our clients achieve their global strategic business objectives by providing local expertise in the critical support functions: legal and compliance,  including GDPR.

Our team of experts can  take over negotiation, drafting, and finalisation for large-scale contracting and secondments for daily in-house legal and compliance requirements.

Remediation projects

We support our clients on local or regional audits of a particular risk area ; we analyse data and provide recommendations of improvement in the legal, compliance or data privacy field. We implement the recommendations on a national or regional level in the legal and compliance areas. Our understanding of the dynamics and economics of SMEs enables our firm to devise pragmatic and scaled solutions.


We regularly advise our clients on GDPR aspects of the business and provide external DPO services. We are familiar with  the way GDPR impacts your unique industry.

Our team

Meet our Team: Guiding your Legal & Compliance journey.


Managing Director/Attorney at Law

Isaure is a French national and Avocat à la Cour (Solicitor). She has over 20 years of legal experience across Europe, Asia, and America, including roles in City law firms and in-house positions as General Counsel and Head of Compliance. Holding a Master's in International Management from HEC Paris, she advises national and international life sciences clients, lending her insights to strategic projects. Isaure's guidance extends to compliance system setups, transformations, legal aspects of product launches, and various data privacy matters.

Nikhil PATEL


Nikhil is a Dutch national and is dual-qualified as an Indian Advocate and a Solicitor of England & Wales. He has over 15 years of experience in leading in-house legal teams across Europe, the Middle East, Asia & Africa in the pharmaceutical and FMCG sectors. Holding an LL.M. in Corporate & Commercial Law from the University of London as well as an M.B.A. from Warwick University, he specializes in being able to translate legal advice into commercial success and creating compliance solutions that complement business realities.

Vincent RENAUD


Vincent Renaud is a certified senior privacy consultant with nearly twenty years of experience. He started his career in digital marketing and later obtained the CIPP/e (Certified Information Privacy Professional - Laws and Regulations) and CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager - Operations) certifications. Vincent has advised various international companies on the GDPR aspects of their local and international operations.

Liza SIA

Project Manager

Liza holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and World Literature, a Master’s in Multidisciplinary Translation, and a LLB in Private Law. Liza oversees the planning, execution, and closure of the firm's projects, ensuring adherence to timelines, budgets, and quality standards. She also manages communication, business development, and recruitment. Liza aims to promote sustainable practices through tailored project management tools.


privacy Consultant

Ines is a privacy consultant specializing in Business and Privacy Law, with three years of experience in the legal realm. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Private Law, a Master's in Business Law, and an LL.M in International Business Law, she has facilitated compliance with privacy regulations and GDPR requirements for numerous businesses while ensuring top-tier privacy. Ines tackles challenges related to personal data and compliance. Her expertise extends to negotiating DPAs with international suppliers, guiding DPIA processes, and ISO 27701 certification.


Healthcare legal counsel

Hugo is a legal counsel with a multidisciplinary foundation including law, health sciences, and economics. He specializes in international business law and biotechnology with a focus on healthcare law and intellectual property. Hugo has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by research technology businesses, thanks to his scientific and legal background. Hugo has over three years of professional experience both in the life sciences and renewable energies industries.

Partnerships with legal and compliance officers across the European Union.

Why are we different ?

We address the legal and compliance needs of small and medium enterprises in the industry.

We provide customized services, outsourced legal and compliance services, and design and implement agile and efficient legal and compliance systems.

Our team of experienced and business-minded legal and compliance officers enables us to meet the needs of our clients in a highly regulated market.


GDPR Compliance Case Study: Addressing Gaps in French Operations of a Rare Disease Company

Legal and Compliance Crisis Management for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company in France

A small rare disease company across Europe faced significant challenges aligning its French operations with GDPR requirements. Despite having an in-house Data Protection Officer (DPO), the company struggled with the complexities of French data privacy regulations, leading to gaps in compliance, particularly in declarations to French authorities. The company undertook a comprehensive audit and remediation process to address these issues, collaborating with legal experts specializing in French regulations and conducting targeted training sessions. The results included:

A prominent pharmaceutical company encountered legal and compliance challenges in France, including contract management and regulatory compliance difficulties, compounded by limited resources. They outsourced legal and compliance services to address these issues, engaging a trusted partner for six months. This partnership promptly resolved a significant compliance crisis, significantly reduced operational costs, and provided expert regulatory guidance. The results included:

Successful remediation of compliance gaps.
Improved awareness among staff about French data privacy nuances.
A strengthened culture of compliance.

Minimized reputational damage and legal risks.
Enhanced operational efficiency Ensured regulatory compliance underscoring the value of strategic outsourcing in navigating complex compliance environments.

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